Mar 082016

Shane McMahon seems to have inherited his father’s eye for businessWeeks before his highly anticipated WrestleMania 32 bout, it’s only natural for Shane McMahon to dominate wrestling headlines, with the latest rumour of the mile long mill being that the younger McMahon launched a failed bid for English Premier League club Newcastle United.Newcastle United, which is currently owned by English billionaire Mike Ashley, was in the sights of McMahon – who reportedly put together a consortium to acquire the Tyne based club, but the deal fell through.McMahon’s desired to buy Newcastle had stemmed up a few years ago – but was dismissed as just a rumor. Now that he’s in the spotlight again, reports of him intending to buy out Ashley may be true. Shane didn’t want the club to have any connection to his father’s company and wanted the football club to be his solo project.Advertisement It’s still not sure whether these ambitions still exist in McMahon’s mind. What we do know is that he is firmly focussed on his Hell in a Cell match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32.This isn’t the first failed acquisition masterminded by McMahon, with the 46-year-old launching failed bids for MMA franchises RINGS and PRIDE, before UFC came forward and acquired the latter. Other business ventures of McMahon include Chinese pay-per-view service You On Demand, of which he was the CEO until 2013. Shane Mcmahon returned on this week’s RAW in one an epic opening segment which you can watch here:[embedded content]

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